Peronin High Tech Food, Bag (1 portion)

Peronin High Tech Food, Bag (1 portion)

Product#: 1260050
Peronin bag contains 1 portion. Especially
suitable for meeting high performance requirements.
With vanilla, orange or chocolate taste.
Producer: Peronin
Taste / Geschmacksrichtung
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Peronin is a liquid food to which vitamins and
minerals have been added. It is especially
suitable for meeting high performance
Persons feeling hungry but with no possibility
of preparing a meal will find Peronin the
perfect substitute.
It is only very slightly different from conventional
food. The powder consisting of medium-chain
triglycerides is absorbed by the body at a rate
of 96 percent within about six minutes.
Unlike conventional foods, it does not first
have to be broken down in the stomach, but
is assimilated directly. Peronin thereby ensures
a fast and durable energy supply. Moreover, the
feared fatigue resulting from a lack of oxygen in
the bloodstream is eliminated in extreme
missions, and bowel movement is minimized.

Peronin has been successfully applied for years,
especially by persons engaging in extreme sports
such as triathlon, marathon, ironman, desert
running, and highaltitude mountaineering.

It is available with vanilla, chocolate and orange


100 g  (1 Portion)

100 g contains:
450 kcal
60g Carbohydrates
15g Fat
18g Protein

Fact sheet vanilla
Fact sheet chocolate
Fact sheet orange

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