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8018576, Trek'n Eat, Paprika-Soy Stew with Noodles

Product#: 1270380
Paprika-Soy Stew with Noodles. 1 portion.
Just add hot water. Ready in 8-10 minutes
Producer: Trek'n Eat
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Trek’n Eat is unique freeze-dried foods that can
be prepared with water. Perfect for your ready
made meals when travelling, on expedition,
while boating, and even on family outings. 
Trekking Meals are simple to prepare

Just add boiling water, stir, leave to soak for
8 – 10 minutes and the meal is ready.


1 portion 

100 g contains:
325 kcal
55.5g Carbohydrates
2.3g Fat
19.3g Protein