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FGXpress, KETONX, Weight Management, Ketosis in 1 hour, 4 Servings

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FGXpress, KETONX, Ketosis in 1 hour, 4 Servings
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Ketosis in Under 1 Hour

Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body burns fat for energy. Despite its many known health benefits, nutritional ketosis is extremely difficult to access through diet alone—it feels out of reach, beyond the horizon… until now.
Combined with the right diet, KetonX is the bridge into ketosis and works in less than one hour. The US patented formula in KetonX is designed to make the first four days of your new lifestyle a smooth transition from a carb-dependant body to a fat-burning one. By the fifth day, you've crossed the bridge; you're sailing along towards better health, fully in nutritional ketosis.

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